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Review Date: 12/04/2018 | Author: Dominique S., Sacramento, CA


Review Date: 10/31/2018 | Author: Jessica F., Sacramento, CA

Comments: Affordable and very professional

Review Date: 07/31/2018 | Author: Angelia J., Fair Oaks, CA

Comments: Rose, Raymond, Susie and Veronica arrived exactly on time, worked rapidly and well. They are friendly and lovely to talk to. Our house sparkles. Thank you.

Review Date: 06/21/2018 | Author: Cecelia M., Citrus Heights, CA

Comments: Very professional.

Review Date: 06/05/2018 | Author: Arzina V., Roseville, CA

Comments: I would highly recommend them.

Review Date: 05/07/2018 | Author: Gale S., Sacramento, CA

Comments: Ana and her crew were amazing! They did a great job and were all very professional and nice to work with!

Review Date: 05/07/2018 | Author: Gale S., Sacramento, CA

Comments: Ana and her crew were fantastic! Very happy with all of them. Work was excellent and Ana is very professional and thorough...and fun! Her entire crew were the same. I am planning on having them come back every 2 weeks, so you know I must be pleased!

Review Date: 04/02/2018 | Author: Alex L., Carmichael, CA

Comments: they do great job for decent price

Review Date: 03/19/2018 | Author: Danne G., Rio Linda, CA

Comments: I was extremely impressed with their professionalism and even more with the caliber of their work. Ana, the business owner was very personable. Five cleaners came to do the deep cleaning I requested. I was very happy with the result. I would recommend this company 100%. Very hard working ladies!!!

Review Date: 03/19/2018 | Author: Melissa R., Rancho Cordova, CA

Comments: The ladies scheduled to clean were running late due to traffic, and Ana was kind enough to call me and let me know. When they arrived, and introduced themselves, i explained what i wanted to have done. They got right to it and i was very happy with the results. i will definitely have them return when i need them again.

Review Date: 02/20/2018 | Author: Jean J., Antelope, CA

Comments: Very nice ladies, good workers, and they did a super job on all the window blinds!

Review Date: 02/14/2018 | Author: Terry W., Sacromento, CA

Comments: On time, friendly,hard working

Review Date: 02/09/2018 | Author: Maureen f A., SACRAMENTO, CA

Comments: She changed the time and had a problem finding our house. They did a good job. I especially appreciate they cleaned the shelf in our garden window.

Review Date: 12/05/2017 | Author: Jackie J., Fair Oaks, CA


Review Date: 11/18/2017 | Author: Nancy M., Sacramento, CA


Review Date: 11/14/2017 | Author: William S., Carmichael, CA

Comments: They provided a superb two person cleaning team to accomplish deep cleaning. The crew was fast and effective. I highly recommend their services. I will set up a routine schedule for them to return every 3 weeks.

Review Date: 11/09/2017 | Author: Valjean K., Sacramento, CA

Comments: They were on time and completed the job.

Review Date: 10/08/2017 | Author: Richard A., Sacramento, CA

Comments: Would definitely hire again!

Review Date: 09/26/2017 | Author: Earl S., Antelope, CA


Review Date: 09/21/2017 | Author: Brenda O., Fair Oaks, CA

Comments: I am happy with the two girls that came they did a awesome job.I plan on having them come bi-weekly, they were very efficient and thorough with the job they did.

Review Date: 08/21/2017 | Author: Diane R., Carmichael, CA


Review Date: 08/20/2017 | Author: Candace K., Rancho Cordova, CA

Comments: Pleasant, efficient, thorough

Review Date: 07/18/2017 | Author: Larry B., Citrus Heights, CA

Comments: We have been putting off having a cleaning service come in. We can now kick our self in the butt for not doing this sooner, and not having this company clean our house. The best. Would not hesitate to recommend them. They will be coming every three weeks.

Review Date: 05/23/2017 | Author: Elizabeth W., Citrus Heights, CA


Review Date: 05/12/2017 | Author: Kay P., Carmichael, CA


Review Date: 04/12/2017 | Author: a Neighbor, Sacramento, CA

Comments: n.

Review Date: 04/01/2017 | Author: William D., Fair Oaks, CA

Comments: Friendly, great service, would hire again.

Review Date: 03/07/2017 | Author: a Neighbor, Antelope, CA


Review Date: 03/07/2017 | Author: a Neighbor, Sacramento, CA

Comments: Friendly and great customer service.

Review Date: 03/06/2017 | Author: a Neighbor, Sacramento, CA

Comments: Their customer service was good. Their staff is efficient. I would hire them again.

Review Date: 02/06/2017 | Author: Aaron C., Sacramento, CA

Comments: Ana and the team did a fantastic job of giving the house a deep cleaning that was deparately needed and hadn't been done in quite some time. She takes her time to do the job right. The emphasis is on quality of work, not the speed of the job. I will be caling on her again.

Review Date: 01/24/2017 | Author: Rod J., Sacramento, CA

Comments: Ana and her crew did a very good job on my home. I needed a cleaning after a tenant moved out. She was able to get the house cleaned that fit my time line, which allowed me to turn around the unit and get it rented right away. Thank You Ana.

Review Date: 12/31/2016 | Author: Shawn B., Sacramento, CA

Comments: 2 Chicks 1 bucket have been just wonderful and they have helped me keep my husband in care at home. They are efficient,professional , and very sweet.

Review Date: 07/19/2016 | Author: Cristina P., Mather, CA

Comments: Ana and her team were amazing. Our house needed a lot of work after living there for 8 years. They did a fantastic job and the house was cleaner on move out then when we moved it. Her staff was friendly and Ana was great to work with.

Review Date: 07/18/2016 | Author: Nancy M., Elk Grove, CA

Comments: Ana and her team did a awesome job on my house after a construction project left a inch of dirt and dust everywhere!

Review Date: 07/15/2016 | Author: Gerald S., Elk Grove, CA

Comments: Excellent service would recommend to family and friends

Review Date: 07/11/2016 | Author: Rebecca M., Lincoln, CA

Comments: Excellent service. Courteous. So much better than my last experience.

Review Date: 07/08/2016 | Author: a Neighbor, Citrus Heights, CA

Comments: I would have rated higher but after they left I found they did not clean the entry hall light fixture, did not dust the front door and did not clean the window tracks.

Review Date: 05/16/2016 | Author: a Neighbor, Sacramento, CA

Comments: I hired her husband who is a handyman and listed on the card. He charged me $670 to fix the sprinkler box, install a doorbell. He gave me none of the receipts. He also greased the garage door track and it dripped all over the garage and it is costing me lots of money to paint the garage door and have someone fix the sprinklers. The doorbell is so horrible that no one can push that hard to ring it. And since I don't have the receipt I can't return it He charged me $40 to put a stick down the clogged gutters. I would definitely hire the maid service again.

Review Date: 04/18/2016 | Author: Nancy V., Elk Grove, CA

Comments: Ana and her team are very professional and did a great job cleaning my house. We started with a thorough cleaning and I couldn't be more pleased. Now they will make maintenance visits to keep it nice.

Review Date: 03/31/2016 | Author: a Neighbor, Citrus Heights, CA

Comments: While perhaps on the higher end of the price range, the group did a great job and seemed very meticulous.

Review Date: 02/21/2016 | Author: Lynne M., Sacramento, CA

Comments: Ana & her crew had a very big challenge cleaning my house. Due to medical issues over the past 16 months, I wasn't able to keep with the cleaning let alone able to do it. I was very pleased with their work. The next day was wonderful to wake up in such a clean & shiny home. She gave me a quote and even though I think it was more work than anticipated she charged me what she quoted me. I'm hoping to retain her services for maintenance.

Review Date: 02/05/2016 | Author: Deborah H., Elk Grove, CA

Comments: most important to me, they respected me and my home. they were on time, warm greeting, excellent skills, great personalities and fast. thanks ladies.

Review Date: 02/04/2016 | Author: Sharon G., Elk Grove, CA

Comments: Anna, the owner came over and did an estimate walk-thru. On the day of the cleaning two very lovely young ladies came over, Annabelle and, I can't recall the other young ladies name, however, I just really enjoyed them. Their cleaning was impeccable, and it smelled so good when they were done. I have had several house cleaners and Anna's house cleaning service is the best.

Review Date: 01/16/2016 | Author: Alexandra D., Sacramento, CA

Comments: They worked very had and did the best of all the other cleaning services I've ever had! They were very good with my little Shih tzus and they work fast too! If anyone is tired of crappy housekeeping services I definitely recommend them!

Review Date: 01/16/2016 | Author: Karen R., Lincoln, CA

Comments: The job was completed on time!

Review Date: 12/22/2015 | Author: Suzanne T., Elk Grove, CA

Comments: Ana and her crew were terrific,! house was never so clean. We would highly recommend this company to anyone. Thanks, Ana.

Review Date: 12/14/2015 | Author: Tracie M., Elk Grove, CA

Comments: Ana and her team were awesome! I would highly recommend her to my friends.

Review Date: 11/12/2015 | Author: Ed H., Roseville, CA

Comments: Overall good job.

Review Date: 09/19/2015 | Author: Suzanne O., Sacramento, CA

Comments: Ana's team were professional and thorough. We have retained them on a regular schedule now. Thanks Ana

Review Date: 09/03/2015 | Author: Candace R., Rio Linda, CA

Comments: I was very satisfied with the cleaning job! The ladies were professional, efficient & hard working!

Review Date: 08/14/2015 | Author: Joanne C., Sacramento, CA

Comments: The three gals that came to my house did an excellent job of cleaning what I asked them to clean.

Review Date: 08/10/2015 | Author: Art V., Elk Grove, CA

Comments: Hard working and Awesome results.

Review Date: 08/03/2015 | Author: Margaret G., Elk Grove, CA

Comments: after just one cleaning I have to say I was pleased. Need to clarify my requirements. Sure it will be fine.

Review Date: 08/02/2015 | Author: a Neighbor, Carmichael, CA

Comments: Good communication skills. Dedicated and trustworthy. You get more than what you pay for!

Review Date: 07/28/2015 | Author: Mike E., Carmichael, CA

Comments: on time hard workers

Review Date: 07/20/2015 | Author: a Neighbor, Sacramento, CA

Comments: Very nice people.

Review Date: 07/06/2015 | Author: Betsy B., Sacramento, CA

Comments: Anna listened to what we needed and then brought in a crew who were all happy to be there. The house looked wonderful when they were done.

Review Date: 06/30/2015 | Author: Elizabeth J., Roseville, CA

Comments: I hired this cleaning service to do a move out cleaning. The job was done in 2 hours like I was promised. They were very professional and did a wonderful job. Our place is now ready to rent out. I would highly recommend this company. I definitely will hire them again.

Review Date: 06/29/2015 | Author: Robert J., Sacramento, CA

Comments: The only reason I gave them 5 stars was because there was no 6th star option. Ana and her crew were going to be detained and she called me with an update on her ETA. When they arrived, they got right to work. I expected them to use a backhoe to clean out my neglected house...but no...they did it all by hand in about 3 hours. I was extremely impressed in their work. They are craftsmen (craftswomen) in their field.

Review Date: 06/24/2015 | Author: Jiaranai S., Elk Grove, CA

Comments: They helped me last minute and did a Great Job for a Great price! I would recommend them to everyone!

Review Date: 06/24/2015 | Author: a Neighbor, Carmichael, CA

Comments: .

Review Date: 06/02/2015 | Author: Robert F., Elk Grove, CA

Comments: hard workers no cit chat focused on job

Review Date: 05/29/2015 | Author: a Neighbor, Sacramento, CA

Comments: !

Review Date: 05/14/2015 | Author: a Neighbor, Elk Grove, CA

Comments: Great cleaning service!

Review Date: 05/08/2015 | Author: Frank T., Sacramento, CA

Comments: The staff is very pleasant.they did an amazing job.

Review Date: 05/05/2015 | Author: a Neighbor, Sacramento, CA

Comments: Very organized and self-governing. We wish to use them again. This was the first servicing, so it is natural there will need to be minor fine- tuning in how they execute what we wish them to do. We completely understand this. Now the specific areas for future improvement:: The Roman bath cleaning was not completely satisfactory, nor was the cleaning around the sink fixtures in the master bathroom. Last, we noticed immediately after they left that the bureau dresser mirror in the master bedroom was ignored and left noticeably streaked. This betrays either a basic sloppiness or a rushed, cursory servicing that an experienced professional would not have left. All that being said, we wish to have them come again and see how they do next time. Anna herself did not come. Rose and her young assistant came.

Review Date: 05/01/2015 | Author: a Neighbor, Sacramento, CA

Comments: The ladies were great! I would recommend them anytime.

Review Date: 05/01/2015 | Author: a Neighbor, Sacramento, CA

Comments: They will work with you and do their best to fulfill your needs.

Review Date: 04/30/2015 | Author: Brandon K., sacremento, CA

Comments: Services provided were excellent. ...would give more stars if possible. Great value and friendly service. Would definitely recommend.

Review Date: 03/21/2015 | Author: Ron L., Elk Grove, CA

Comments: I've have been using Home Advisor for all my projects, very pleased! Anna's cleaning service is the best!!!! I cannot say enough for the service, they have done! I am extremely pleased. Thank you Anna!

Review Date: 03/14/2015 | Author: Jennifer C., Elk Grove, CA

Comments: Anna & her crew did a great job prepaing my house for sale. I am still wondering how the heck they got rid of some of my 10 years of dirt build up.

Review Date: 03/09/2015 | Author: Gennie L., Sacramento, CA

Comments: Ana and Rosa were efficient, and friendly. They did an exceptional job. I am really impressed by the quality of their work. They were on time, and did everything I wanted done. It was a pleasure working with them. Thumbs Up!

Review Date: 03/04/2015 | Author: a Neighbor, Antelope, CA

Comments: I was very pleased with this Service. I had let many things lapse and it was a big job for them. In addition, they are very kind people, very efficient, and do a very good job.

Review Date: 02/25/2015 | Author: Godfrey W., Sacramento, CA

Comments: Good work Nice people make sure to differentiate living room from dining room if they are in one large area and if they do ceiling.

Review Date: 02/20/2015 | Author: Doug R., Elk Grove, CA

Comments: Ana was very accommodating with our schedule changes. Her crew were thorough and very pleasant.

Review Date: 02/18/2015 | Author: Margaret H., Carmichael, CA

Comments: friendly, competent gals were on time and thorough. they did all kinds of neat stuff and cleaned my oven which I didnt know was going to be done. Very nice work and smiling ladies get my votes every time

Review Date: 02/09/2015 | Author: Amy C., Sacramento, CA

Comments: Ana was flexible with her schedule in an effort to meet & provide an initial estimate. She & her team did a great job on the deep clean of my home. My stainless appliances have never looked so shiny! We have scheduled regular cleanings with All In One and it's great to not worry about a dirty house anymore.

Review Date: 11/16/2014 | Author: Karen P., Sacramento, CA

Comments: Very good value and friendly maids.

Review Date: 09/23/2014 | Author: John R., Carmichael, CA

Comments: none

Review Date: 09/09/2014 | Author: Sharon C., Elk Grove, CA

Comments: Very professional and thorough.

Review Date: 09/02/2014 | Author: Bill D., Fair Oaks, CA

Comments: Please change the name to Arline D. They are the best cleaning service I have ever had.

Review Date: 07/08/2014 | Author: Sam T., Sacramento, CA

Comments: Anne and Joel are amazing. They provided excellent cleaning service for a rental property. In addition, they were able to help with many remodel and handyman projects to give the property an amazing facelift for a very competitive price. I do not even recognize the rental unit. I highly recommend and have used them on other projects afterwards.

Review Date: 06/24/2014 | Author: Maggie R., Sacramento, CA

Comments: Service was very professtional from start to finsih. I would recommend this cleaning company to friends and family.

Review Date: 06/20/2014 | Author: a Neighbor, Sacramento, CA

Comments: All around great job; thanks for the help!

Review Date: 06/17/2014 | Author: Robert P., Carmichael, CA

Comments: All in One people were efficient, courteous, and did what I asked them to do in cleaning my house. I don't give five stars carelessly and gush on easily. I ask for good work, well done, and in the time frame I asked for. I dealt with one other service that demanded a one-year, $156 commitment BEFORE I could talk to their people. Anna came to my house, listened to my needs, and in the process earned my business from now on. You should too. Robert

Review Date: 05/05/2014 | Author: a Neighbor, Sacramento, CA

Comments: As an interior designer I work with many vendors and I would highly recommend All In One Services. They exceeded my expectations. This was the home of a relative who had fallen ill and it needed everything done. They arrived on time, worked quickly and quietly - the place look wonderful when they left.

Review Date: 04/27/2014 | Author: Charles V., Sacramento, CA

Comments: Very friendly and professional workers

Review Date: 04/05/2014 | Author: Jane G., Carmichael, CA

Comments: We would recommend Ana and Joel, and their company. They did a great job for us. Excellent work, detailed, looked like new when they finished.

Review Date: 04/01/2014 | Author: a Neighbor, Carmichael, CA

Comments: Rectory looked great and pastor was very satisfied. Will use them again if the current housekeeper quits

Review Date: 03/24/2014 | Author: a Neighbor, Elk Grove, CA

Comments: Excellent work, very professional

Review Date: 02/19/2014 | Author: Staci E., Sacramento, CA

Comments: Ana and Annabelle are a pleasure to work with.

Review Date: 02/10/2014 | Author: Stacy K., Elk Grove, CA

Comments: Very thorough job. My house is extremely clean and will definitely use them again.

Review Date: 01/17/2014 | Author: Cindy S., Sacramento, CA

Comments: Great Company to handle the cleaning items that you don't have time to do or can't do yourself.

Review Date: 01/16/2014 | Author: John F., Sacramento, CA

Comments: all I wanted was a good , move out cleaning, but what I got nearly changed my mind about moving out it was so clean. The Girls did not miss a thing and did more than I had expected. Excellent and Clean !!! Thank you Anna and hugs to the Girls. I will be calling to set up an appointment for a quote on you taking care of my new home! Talk soon John

Review Date: 01/09/2014 | Author: Jim E., Sacramento, CA

Comments: They were quick, came out, got the job done. I would call them again.

Review Date: 11/25/2013 | Author: Bill S., Carmichael, CA

Comments: Great crew. Very friendly and hard working.

Review Date: 11/05/2013 | Author: Diane C., Fair Oaks, CA

Comments: I am so pleased that I hired All in One Services to clean my home. It is spotless and shinning. I would highly recommend them for your home.

Review Date: 09/21/2013 | Author: Betty H., Fair Oaks, CA

Comments: Ana and her team are amazing! Just a fantastic job! They were on time, dug right in and got the job done even a little earlier than estimated. Thank you Ana!!! I love my clean house!

Review Date: 09/15/2013 | Author: Marcia R., Sacramento, CA

Comments: Ana and her crew were like "Angels" - transforming my shabby little house into a shinning clean home in a few hours almost a "Miracle." Working smoothly together as a team, not a moment was wasted. Scrubbing through each room, they made cabinets and woodwork white as fresh paint. Washing floors, they made hardwood shine and tile gleam. Patient and persistent, they handled the unexpected beautifully. Providing all materials and equipment, they left nothing behind. "First Class" company - I would recommend "All in One Services" to everyone - with no reservations - definitely "A-plus."

Review Date: 07/26/2013 | Author: Danae R., Fair Oaks, CA

Comments: Just excellent!! thank you.

Review Date: 07/26/2013 | Author: Paul J., Citrus Heights, CA

Comments: This team did a very good job on a very dirty place!

Review Date: 07/09/2013 | Author: Sue R., Sacramento, CA

Comments: The crew was on time and did a fantastic job in the estimated time frame. The estimate was free and reasonable for the amount of work needed.

Review Date: 05/27/2013 | Author: a Neighbor, Antelope, CA

Comments: Very satisfactory work, and I would recommend them to others.

Review Date: 02/25/2013 | Author: Narsi S., Citrus Heights, CA

Comments: Performance and Professionalism of Ana and her crew was well above my expectation, I certainly will go back to All IN ONE SERVICES, for my needs around my house, I suggest you do give them a call when you need your home to be taken care of, you will receive much more than what you pay for while your mind stays at ease.

Review Date: 02/01/2013 | Author: Pattie G., Antelope, CA

Comments: These folks know their stuff! They arrived a little late for the appointment but they spent all day doing a deep clean on the house and it just sparkles! I have hired them on a bi weekly service.

Review Date: 01/28/2013 | Author: Shirley jean D., Sacramento, CA

Comments: They were right on time, did all things I requested and were friendly and professional. The person in charge kept an eye that the others were doing everything she had agreed with me to do. The price was a bit steep, but the thorough job made it worth while.

Review Date: 01/05/2013 | Author: Charles V., Citrus Heights, CA

Comments: Arrived 30 minutes late, but it was not a problem, since we'd reserved the entire day. A couple of things missed, but the team did a great job, and we are very happy to have a clean home. We highly recommend this service, and will work with them again.

Review Date: 12/17/2012 | Author: Gina J., Sacramento, CA

Comments: Ana went above and beyond to get my house cleaned before my Christmas party here. Very pleased with the service. Thank you!

Review Date: 11/18/2012 | Author: Ramsey C., Sacramento, CA

Comments: Ana did an excellent job cleaning my apartment! I was moving out and needed professional cleaning done with very short notice. She made arrangements to come to my house right away. In addition to being very friendly and efficient, Ana operate a reliable and professional business. I would recommend her to all of my friends and family. - Ramsey C

Review Date: 10/12/2012 | Author: Samuel R., Carmichael, CA

Comments: The service was more than expected. The techician was prepared and knowledgeable in her trade. Did a great job and left the house like new. We have two pets so you can imagine. I would definately recommend her services to anyone. Ana was very nice and professional, and most of all, was able to work around my schedule without a problem, for that I am grateful. 2 thumbs up!!

Review Date: 10/02/2012 | Author: Gladys M., Antelope, CA

Comments: this team worked very well together and did excellent work.

Review Date: 09/30/2012 | Author: Donald H., Sacramento, CA

Comments: All In One Services is like having a friend in the neighbor with a professional touch.

Review Date: 06/28/2012 | Author: Rick B., Sacramento, CA

Comments: Very nice people, you really can�t go wrong with them. The only reason I did not rate them all �5�s� is because no one is perfect (but as picky as I am� they�re pretty darn close)�

Review Date: 06/28/2012 | Author: Janis M., Fair Oaks, CA

Comments: Ana is very pleasant to work with and completely professional. Liked that we got an estimate immediately. The work was done on time and to our total satisfaction

Review Date: 06/22/2012 | Author: Stephanie M., Fair Oaks, CA

Comments: Awesome job on the stove and louvered closet doors

Review Date: 06/15/2012 | Author: Elaine S., Sacramento, CA

Comments: Efficient and timely workers.

Review Date: 05/30/2012 | Author: Dan K., Sacramento, CA

Comments: All in one cleaning does a great job. Anna the owner is very easy to work with.

Review Date: 05/05/2012 | Author: Tanya B., Sacramento, CA

Comments: Ana and her crew were professional and fun to work with. They did an amazing job on my house, considering it was abandoned for 6 months before I bought my home, Ana's team handled the project quickly and efficiently. I highly recommend them to anyone needing a thorough cleaning.

Review Date: 04/11/2012 | Author: Jim D., North Highlands, CA

Comments: good work

Review Date: 04/10/2012 | Author: Darnell W., Sacramento, CA

Comments: All In One cleaning was my first cleaning experience, and my husband and I were really satisfied. My house was sparkling, and refreshing after Alisha and her team member cleaned it. My first service was $65, and as a returning customer it cost $50. I have an appointment in a couple days, and I can't wait.

Review Date: 04/09/2012 | Author: Debbie B., Sacramento, CA

Comments: Great people. They explain everything they will be doing and then tell you to go relax. My house was cleaned and actually refreshed. We now have a standing every-3 week appointment. I can't wait!!

Review Date: 02/27/2012 | Author: Kristina W., Sacramento, CA

Comments: Ana is very friendly and personable. Her team is very hard working and were very professional. They did a great job, and we have no complaints. We look forward to continue working with her.

Review Date: 02/25/2012 | Author: Jim S., West Sacramento, CA

Comments: On time, fast, I'm very satisfied.

Review Date: 02/19/2012 | Author: Sean W., Sacramento, CA

Comments: Called for an emergency house cleaning. I was called within a couple of hours and set a date to clean my house within a couple of days. Very satisfied with the cleaning service and will come back when needed.

Review Date: 02/18/2012 | Author: Karyn B., Sacramento, CA

Comments: I was interested in a quote only for services only at this time. Ana called me soon after my request was submitted and was very cordial and helpful, suggested a "Final Touch", quoted a price and timeline. Very good customer service!

Review Date: 02/04/2012 | Author: Gina C., Citrus Heights, CA

Comments: Ana and her staff were great!

Review Date: 12/29/2011 | Author: Tiffany C., Sacramento, CA

Comments: Ana was super friendly and willing to work me into her schedule which was a huge plus. She did miss a few key areas like the bathroom walls/window and kitchen cupboards that we had talked about and she stated they would be cleaned but she must have missed them. Otherwise everything looked great and she did a great job. I will absolutely use her services again.

Review Date: 12/27/2011 | Author: a Neighbor, Elverta, CA

Comments: They were very quick to respond and although there was a mix up on the initial time they have been right on schedule for the maintenance cleaning dates. I'm very happy with the maintenance service.

Review Date: 09/30/2011 | Author: Wendy S., Sacramento, CA

Comments: They were on time, very professional and did a great job for a great price!! I will use them again!

Review Date: 09/14/2011 | Author: David C., Sacramento, CA

Comments: Fast response -- got an estimate the next day and the work was done within a week. They finished the work in one afternoon and did a miraculous job! The were friendly, fast and affordable.

Review Date: 07/20/2015 | Author: a Neighbor, ,

Comments: Keep up the world.

Review Date: 07/20/2015 | Author: a Neighbor, ,

Comments: Great work!

Review Date: 07/20/2015 | Author: Linda J., ,

Comments: n/a

Review Date: 07/20/2015 | Author: Mary M., ,

Comments: I tried different services and I kept them because they do what they say they are going to.

Review Date: 07/20/2015 | Author: a Neighbor, ,

Comments: n/a